Mothers day

When I hear word mother I see my Sona mother and my lovely Evelina grendma.
I can describe my mom with the word clever, because she is so clever and gives me good and wise information.
The two options are very good. I would like to have them both.
I always buy and make presents for my mom.
The hardest thing being a mother is to carry children.
I took after my mother doing make up.
My mothers biggest wish is us to be very clever and kind.
My mother is my best friend.
I don’t remember.
No I think what my mother needs is just love.



Write in the Past Tense

  • I. (hear) a new song on the radio. …
    I heard a new song on the radio.
  • I. (read) three books last week. …
    I read three books last week.
  • They. (speak) French to the waitress. …
    They. spoke French to the waitress. …
  • He. (understand) during the class, but now he doesn’t understand. …
    He. understood during the class, but now he doesn’t understand. …
  • I. (forget) to buy some milk. …
    I. forgot to buy some milk. …
  • She. (have) a baby in June. …
    She. had a baby in June. …
  • You. (lose) your keys last week. …
    You. lost your keys last week. …
Շարունակել կարդալ English


My first name is Mane.
My surname is Ohanjanyan.
Adress is Ohanov 30 apartment 34.
My fhone number is 098988605.
We don’t have a mobile fhone.

How old are yow?
What’s your first name?
What’t your adress?
What’s your number telephone?

The camp was very interesting for me. I was in the squad of Mary Sargsyan. It was a lot of fun, we played a lot of games…

 There is / there are #2

 ____ a police car.

There is
There are

 ____ some cherries.

There is
There are

 ____ a butterfly.

There is
There are

 ____ many flowers.

There is
There are

 _____ two kids.

There is
There are

 ____ a monkey.

There is
There are

 ____ a few birds.

There is
There are

 ____ three children.

There is
There are

There is, there are

                                       There is                        a woman.
                                                  There are                                                some pencils.
                                                  There are                                            many leaves.
                                                                      There is                        an orange.
                                                                     There is                        a book.
                                                  There are                                             three balloons.
                                                                          There is                        a bear.
                                                  There are                                              a few bees.
                                                                      There is                        an ant.
                                                  There are                                               grapes.

A trip to Urtsadzor

In the morning we went to Urtsadzor  from Yerevan. We visited St. Karapet church. It was great. After  breakfast near the church,  we collected rosehip and hawthorn and then  we continued our journey. We met Grandma Laura in Urtsadzor. She told about her village. We had good time.